Please don’t think I’m weird lolololol



Ok, so I know I promised the next post would tell the implement that I got spanked with the other night, buttttttt, I am not at my home right now and I can’t take a pic of it.  I could just reveal it, but I’d rather do that with a pic, so it will have to be the next post.  Anyhow, for this post, PLEASE do not think that I am too weird lol.

OK, so I really get into a lot of punishments and discipline other than just spanking.  With that being said, the same punishments, like most things can get very old.  So, I had an idea for a laxative punishment.  I have had punishment enemas before, and I thought I’d try a punishment laxative.  So, I asked my Sir if he’d be into trying it.   Well, of course he was lol.  So a few days later, he comes home with a bottle of Castor Oil, similar to the one in the picture.  The directions say to take 1-4 tablespoons.  So, he of course gives me 4 tablespoons.  This shit (dare I say that) tastes horrible.  It was VERY thick going down.  He gave it to me at about 11am.  It did not kick in till about 6pm.  But when it did, WOW.  I had horrible cramps and a lot of naughtiness came out of me lol.  The situation was so bad that it really was a punishment.  But it wasn’t so bad that I would call it a limit.  SOOOO, I think we have ourselves a winner here for a real punishment in the future.  I have started to read about Castor Oil and it seems safe as long as you do not use it too often.  Anyhoo, have any of you used it, OR do any of you have other laxative, or similar punishments that work for you?  I’d love to hear some feedback.





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